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A few weeks ago I told you about my nephew's lethal diagnosis of Thanotophoric Dysplasia.  My brother and sister-in-law have been amazing in this journey that's been tossed in front of them.  They've wrangled with the initial diagnosis, tasted the raw emotions that come with it, reflected on what they've learned and now it comes to this...the birth and the subsequent death of their son.  They just got word that they'll need to induce very soon because of a couple different reasons but it's all happening so fast.  Marc, Everett and I along with my mom and hopefully my sister will jump on a plane and head to Boston asap with the fleeting chance that we get to hold his sweet soul in our arms for even a minute to kiss him and tell him we love him to the moon and back.  My heart is so heavy as my one and only prayer is that they have a peaceful delivery and that Brad and Julie get to see his face, touch his toes, kiss his forehead, rub his belly and that they're able to remember those amazing experiences forever and ever.  Please hold our family in your thoughts and prayers as this journey on so many levels is coming to an end and yet on another so many levels is just beginning. 

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