Auntie Net

I was babysitting for my best friend’s kids over the weekend and her almost five-year old said, ‘auntie Net…you have fat legs.’ I thought for a second…okay, does he mean to be hurtful or is he simply using a word that doesn’t have a negative connotation for him? 

So I said, ‘what do you mean by that?’
And he said, ‘Your legs are bigger than mine.’ 

Well that makes sense, but it doesn’t take back the fact that I was then checking myself out in the mirror wondering who else thinks my legs are ‘fat.’
Isn’t it crazy that we can remember when someone insults us, yet the compliments just sort of get filed away? Half of getting healthy is remembering to fulfill your mind and spirit along with your body. If you’ve never tried a Yoga class, I highly recommend it.  Between the stretching, muscle building and mind-clearing, you’ll get a full body workout.  It’s positive energy that lasts quite a while.   

Running to me is also meditative.  No music for me, thank you.  I listen to my breathing, my feet hitting the ground and the sounds only nature has to offer.  We have great paths around Madison and the surrounding areas. Do yourself a favor and get familiar with a couple of them. 
Next time you hear something hurtful, whether it’s directed to you or not, try to stay positive.  Just like doing bicep curls strengthens your arms, a deep breath and a moment to sort your thoughts strengthens your soul.  And if it’s a five-year old calling your legs fat, try not to throw Legos at him like I did.