Breaking Habits

   As much as we made fun of our parents for eating at the same place for Sunday brunch every week…at some point we have to admit we too are creatures of habit.  It feels good to know what’s coming next and to not be faced with a surprise when you least expect it.  I just had a conversation with my dad about getting a little work out in a couple times a week.  He said, “Lanette…if my body wants to nap, I’m gonna nap.”  My argument was that you train your body/mind/emotions to do exactly what you want them to.  Stop napping in the middle of your afternoon, and your body won’t crave it!  You wake up and blindly get the coffee made, you jump in the shower and start your day.  Do you actually think about the fact that caffeine robs your body of B vitamins?  The vitamins you need to help you with your metabolism and muscle tone, you’re actually taking out of your diet by simply opening one eye and drinking your first cup of coffee.  Now I’m with you…I LOVE coffee, but maybe it’s time to cut back by a cup or even substitute some decaf into your diet.  This week, let’s make a conscious effort to think about what you’d like to accomplish rather than blindly following your routine…who knows, you may reach some goals you never thought you’d accomplish.