Winter Workouts

The days are short and the nights are long…not exactly the kind of motivation you were looking for to keep up with your workouts this time of year.  I always hated the cold of winter until I realized that there’s never bad weather, just bad gear.  If you have the right layers on, you’ll be just fine.  In fact you’ll feel extra refreshed because you’ll have gotten a great dose of sunshine and fresh air at a time when both are hard to come by.  Another option is to head indoors for a Functional Fitness class.  You can do a sport specific class.  That means if you’re into a certain sport like cross country skiing or cycling, the class is geared to focusing on the muscle groups used in those actions.  If you’re looking for motivation, sign up with a personal trainer.  That will hold you accountable for showing up and make sure you give it everything you’ve got.  It’s hard now…but come swimsuit season, you’ll be very happy you stayed with it.