Snack Time!

Okay…here we are.  Smack dab into that time of year where you’re crazy busy, and eat anything that doesn’t take more than 30 seconds.  I’m just as guilty as you are thinking, ‘oh just one homemade chocolate chip cookie won’t make a difference.  ‘Tis the season.’  But correct me if I’m wrong…it’s never just one homemade chocolate chip cookie.  Plus almost everything in said homemade chocolate chip cookie…makes you even more hungry than you were before you ate said homemade chocolate chip cookie.  So, how do you counteract that?  It’s the million dollar question.  Well…it’s really a layered answer.  You need to NOT want to eat it.  (Sure, Lanette that’s easy.) Realize you deserve more than that and grab a healthy snack that you’ve grabbed from home.  Also…it’s easier to say no to a bad snack when you’ve worked your butt off in a recent work out.  The last thing is support.  If someone else at your work or home is trying to get healthy too, you can help each other out.