Read the Label


             I recently came across an article that made me believe more than ever that we have to read the labels on our foods.  It was an email sent by a friend that told the story about how Margarine is only one molecule away from plastic.  Now if that’s actually true, you can spend time researching that…. It did ring true, though in the fact that so many times we see things like, “diet” or “fat free” and assume it’s good for us.  And that’s what they’re counting on!! 

Turn that baby around and take a look at the label.  Pay special attention to Sodium, Calories and Servings.   It may be a 200 calorie snack, but that’s only one serving and what you ate is more like five.  It may be one “low fat” can of soup but it contains almost your entire daily amount of Sodium.   Companies want to sell you things…that’s their main concern.  Yours needs to be if it’s actually good for you and your armor is knowledge.