Childhood Obesity

We hear it all the time…Childhood obesity is on the rise.  But what does that mean?  Well, when your kid’s BMI (Body Mass Index: height and weight measurement) is at or above the 95th percentile, he or she is considered obese.  We can chalk it up to genetics, we can say that our kid won’t get up off the couch…but are we leading by example when it comes to becoming more active and shedding the pounds?  For the first time the hit show, ‘Biggest Loser’ has three kids on the show.  The trainers have explained how important it is to incorporate exercise into their daily routine…like grabbing a baseball and playing catch in the back yard, like a bike ride after dinner, like starting the weekend with a swim at the Y.  But it’s crucial that we as adults both lead and do these things with them.  And when it comes to food…plan a weekly menu and let them cook some of it.  The cool thing about getting on top of this obesity thing…is that we’ll all benefit from it, the kids, the adults and the families.