Ordering Out Much?

The day has gotten away from you.  It was a crazy day at work, you were hoping to get out a little early to stop by the grocery store to pick up a couple things to make for dinner.  But now you're sitting in traffic and the only thing you can think about is a glass of wine.  You're not alone in this scenario…promise.  But there are some things you can do to make sure you don't end up ordering out Chinese or throwing in a frozen pizza for dinner.  One thing I do is make up a bunch of chicken breasts on Sunday afternoon.  You can throw some mozzarella, tomato and basil on one of them or you can pour some marinara sauce on them so you're not eating the same thing every single night…but it's a great thing to have grilled chicken breasts on hand at all times.  Veggie steamer bags.  Have you seen them?  Get them.  Oh my are they convenient.  And don't get the ones with the sauce and the added pasta.  Do the straight up veggies and maybe shake a little parm on there or spray a little butter.  Voila!  Another thing I try to do is get a couple things done in the morning.  I'll throw together a meatloaf or a crock pot meal by 6am so that when I get home, it's not a stressful thing to get dinner on the table. 

And do we even need to go into the fact that take out and delivery is insane when it comes to calories, carbs, fat and sodium?  No.  Just know it's not good for you.  Period. 

Remember your kids are watching you.  If you take a walk on Saturday morning, or head to the gym or go cross country skiing for a bit, chances are they'll want to, too.  With a little planning and a whole bunch of willingness, you and your family can actually get by without the pizza delivery guy this week…can you even imagine?!