Mealtime Woes

One of the hardest things I just recently learned is that mealtime can be exhausting.  You make a meal, you hope that everyone can sit at the table at the same time and you dream about the day when everyone actually eats everything without melting down.  So there are a couple different solutions.  If your kid(s) are still in a high chair or booster, get them up close to the table so that they get into the practice of being a part of mealtime.  Remember, your job is to present the food to your kids, you can't make them eat it.  So keep that in mind when you're planning out your meals…go for more universal foods.  Maybe it's not a good idea to try a new Brussel sprout recipe…maybe some cooked carrots could be your vegetable of choice tonight.  Don't use dessert as a reward….  If you ask me, never use food at all as a reward…that's how you train your Golden Retriever, not your child. 

The idea is that meals are+ a time to take a deep breath and catch up with your family.  If it's more stress after a crazy day at work, food becomes the enemy…and we all know that's never good when trying to make healthy choices for your family or yourself. 

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