Easter Egg Blues

It's not an April Fools joke…your fridge is full of hard-boiled Easter eggs.  Your family made some great memories dying them…and now what?  There are few nutritional debates that are more heated than that of the egg.  If you uncover all of the myths…eggs are a fantastic food for a healthy lifestyle.  Eggs are only about 70 calories and have a great balance of six grams of protein and five grams of fat…which means you'll stay fuller, longer.  And don't pop out the yolk…it's the most nutritious part!  There's an amino acid in the yolk called leucine that triggers your body to start building muscle…plus half of the protein is in the yolk.  And if the only thing stopping you from eating those beautifully-colored pink, blue and purple eggs is the fact that you don't have any recipes to put them in…then I've got you covered there, too.  Just click here for some great, healthy ideas. 
Now let's remember.  Everything is fine in moderation.  (Yes a Reese's peanut butter cup from your kid's Easter basket is just fine here and there.)  And with this nicer weather…along with moderation, exercise is another things that helps you take off some pounds.  I have Arthritis in my knees so I've started to look for ways other than running to get my exercise high.  Bicycling is an awesome way to take the pressure off your joints and also take in the gorgeous bike paths in the area.  Fort Healthcare is all about a good bike ride and wants to help you with a chance to win $50 to spend at 2 Rivers Bicycle & Outdoor in Fort Atkinson.  Just email me for info or to win!  Good luck!