They Go Together Like….

…peanut butter and jelly, Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire, kids and messes. (okay that last one was a personal reflection of my house but you get the idea.) Exercise and a healthy diet.  Without one the other one just isn't able to do its job correctly.  I love to work out in the morning before work.  First, because you don't have the whole day to get busy and talk yourself out of it, second because it gets your day going on the right foot.  When you worked your butt off at the gym that morning…it's much easier to walk away from the donuts some evil coworker has conveniently placed in the break room.  You make good food choices throughout the day and then you start it all over the next day the same way.  If you commit to both exercise and a healthy diet, you'll watch your body transform much quicker as well which is the number one motivater for keeping on track.  When you see your jeans fit better, when you get random compliments at the gas station, when your reflection in the mirror is one you actually take a minute to look at because you like what you see…then it doesn't seem like a burden anymore.  You've made the transition from dieting to a new way of life and that's awesome.