Detoxes and Cleanses

So these are quite the fad right now.  Cleanses and detoxes are sold as ways for people to rid their bodies of harmful chemicals and toxins from bad foods and the environment.   They promise that once this happens, you feel better and your body is able to properly function and you'll be able to shed some pounds.  And before I explain myself, I'll say this SAVE YOUR MONEY!  If you don't want things like caffeine and processed foods in your body…stop putting it in!  Simple.  But here's why.

Your kidney and your liver are primarily responsible for detoxifying most of the toxins you consume.  In other words your body (including the colon) already cleanses and detoxes itself…that's the primary reason for these organs!  The benefits people report from cleanses are likely a result of getting rid of fats, sugars and processed foods from their diets and nothing else.

You may feel lighter, have more energy and sleep better during and after a detox…but it's because your body is getting rid of the bad stuff you put in there on a regular basis…not because of the herbal blend or protein shake you spent an arm and a leg on.

If a cleanse or a detox encourages you to get a jump start on eating healthy, well then go for it.  But if you're hoping to do one of these to lose weight and then go back to your old ways, save yourself the time and money.  There is no scientific evidence that any of these work and the FDA categorizes them as supplements so there's no regulation.  So be careful and as with all things like this, please consult your doctor before trying one of these.