Just One Thing

So we just had a chili cook-off here at work.  It was awesome…some made with beef, others with pork, a couple with chicken and one with ground turkey.  So I was eating a scoop of this and a spoonful of that trying to decipher what I was tasting.  Most of the time I was thinking…okay this is NOT healthy.  But people love their chili recipes and it'd be close to impossible to get someone to change their recipe to a healthier alternative.  So here's a challenge…take one thing and change it out.  Take a look at a recipe or a dish that you always make and change out one ingredient to make it healthier.  You could put Greek Yogurt in for sour cream or skim milk in for cream.  Maybe try ground turkey or buffalo meat in place of beef, or applesauce instead of of oil.  Sometimes you can even just leave something out…like rice or pasta.  Could you put it on a bed of lettuce instead of rice?  You have to want to, and it may take some time to think about it…but it's worth it…SO worth it!