Meet the Need

I found this awesome quote in a parenting article I was reading, 'A need when met will go away.  A need unmet is here to stay.'  I thought well that can be applied to SO many things!  Right away I thought about the fact that I'm an emotional eater.  It's hard to not grab a fork and dive into the frozen pumpkin pie from Thanksgiving that you didn't bother to defrost because you need it NOW!!  Sometimes it's way deeper than just making an unhealthy choice…it's emotional, psychological and spirtual.  It's as simple as emotions rather than hunger triggering your eating…if that sounds familiar, you're an emotional eater.  So there's a need not being met somewhere.  Whether it's at work or with a relationship or something you're battling within…you've got to figure it out and face it.  Because choosing to lead a healthy life can be tough at times and you need all of the strength you can find.  If you've got the blocks stacked against you before even trying to make healthy choices…you're not going to succeed.  Period.  Meet the need.