If You REALLY Want To….

So here we are facing holiday number three in just over a month.  Have you been able to stay away from the sugar and fat and carbs?  If not…well…JOIN THE CLUB!  Now I'm not saying go ahead and binge.  I'm just saying don't beat yourself up for it.  You're an adult, you made your choice to sit down in front of the TV with that tin of caramel popcorn and wash it down with the yummiest red wine you ever tasted.  Don't dwell on it.  There was that day that your office had that little holiday party and when no one was looking, you finished off that cheesy, ooey, gooey dip with the french bread.  That's fine!  And all of those mornings you slept in and didn't head to the gym because your tummy was still so full and you felt so guilty for all the bad food and drink choices you made the day before.  Well…it happened, get over it.  You're human.  Start reminding yourself about how good you're going to feel once you get back on track.  Tell yourself you're worth the time and effort to make a healthy dinner for your family.  And set that alarm so that you can get a workout in.  Feel free to start slow…but start, just start.