911 Calls


Please keep an eye on your pet during the winter cold. While no animal should be wandering the streets alone, I was surprised to see one of these guys, a Burnese Mountain dog, strolling on University Avenue the other day.  I tried to keep him from going out in traffic, but he ran away.  I called 911 and then followed him for several blocks.  Eventually we found the owner (who was unaware the dog was loose) and got the dog to his home. By the way, the 911 people told me it was OK to call them for this.  I did some research and found that millions of "illegitimate” 911 calls are made every year by people who believe they have an emergency.

* A man in Pennsylvania man called to report that someone at work had stolen his Jell-O from the break room refrigerator.

* A Florida woman called 911 because she was locked inside her car.  She said "My car will not start. I'm locked inside and it's getting very hot!" The dispatcher suggested she manually unlock the door from the inside.  The woman was successfully able to open the door

* Another woman in Florida dialed 911 upset that her McDonald's was out of Chicken McNuggets.