My Heart Sank

I don't know why this shocks me so much. I do stories all the time about this happening to other people.  That didn't dull the sinking feeling I had the other day as I watched some schmuck in California buying all kinds of stuff on the internet … and using my card to pay for it!  Luckily, we caught this shortly after it started happening.  I called my pals at Summit Credit Union and had the card cancelled, but the charging went on unabated for hours.
The bright side of this is the "genius" criminal master mind behind the rip-off left his actual name, address and phone number on one of the order forms.  So now, the cops here and in California know who this person is and how to get hold of him.  Scarey feeling!  Either way, the guy is going to get a new cell phone holder for his car – on me.  That way he'll be able to grab his phone quick to call a lawyer when he gets cracked.