Summer is the Best

I know it can be wicked, as is evidenced by recent events, but I really don't know of another place I'd rather be than in Wisconsin in the summertime.  Over the weekend, my wife Terri and I were sitting in our rocking chairs on the patio, practicing for when we get old(er), and the Gold Finches flew in for their late afternoon cool off in the stream. Beautiful!  We counted eight of them.  For the past five or so years, they have adopted our place as their summer home base and we are glad they did. It started with just a couple, but now their ranks are growing.  It really is an awesome sight.
We went on our fave camp trip last week in Door County: Fish Creek to be exact.  Do you have one of those places where you feel completely at home even though you're hours away?  Door County is like that for us.  We made our annual “stock-up” visit to the Oilery and also got that awesome Corsica Loaf from Door County Bakery outside Sister Bay.  They make it in olive oil, so it's all oily, but crunchy.  It’s hard to describe, but if you're in the neighborhood, try some.  A guilty pleasure.  We also did alot of kayaking and biking – and thoroughly enjoyed the week.