Saving Money In The Kitchen

Every time I go to the grocery store I like to check the bottom of the receipt where it says, “You saved *X* amount with us today”.  It kind of gives me a thrill to know I did some smart shopping.  I try to buy items that are store specials and store brands like Roundy’s.  I also like using coupons and I found a really cool way to do it electronically now when I shop at my local Copps and Pick N Save stores.  I have their Fresh Perks card.  I’ve had one for years and now when I visit or I can actually select the coupons I want from their E-Clips section and load them directly onto my Fresh Perks Card.  Then when I shop I don’t have to worry about carrying around little slips of paper that may get lost in my purse.  They’re all on my Fresh Perks Card that gets scanned when I check out.  Instant savings with just a click.  Pretty cool.  You can find out more how E-Clips works click here.  Grocery shopping is so much fun now.