My Bike Hasn't Been Collecting Much Dust!

My husband and I have gone from not bicycling at all for ten solid years to biking every weekend this summer, weather permitting!  I'm not sure why we didn't touch our bikes for ten years, but it's sort of like a child or pet who ignores a certain toy for a long time and then all of a sudden becomes OBSESSED with it and won't let it out of his/her sight. 

In late July, we loaded up our bikes for a trip to southeastern Minnesota to the Root River Trail.  It's a 60-mile paved trail that meanders through some of the prettiest bluff country in the Midwest.  One of the small towns along the Root River Trail is Lanesboro (pictured above).  It reminded me of a "Mini Me" version of Galena, Illinois with all its quaint shops and rustic buildings.  It also happens to be Minnesota's Bed & Breakfast Capital.  I would return to this area for a long weekend in a heartbeat, and here's more information if you're starting to think about planning a trip there: