No Baby Yet??

"No baby yet?"  This is a question I never had to hear with my first born, because Everett decided to make his grand entrance a month early.  It makes me smile how everyone walks slowly around the corner – hoping to not see me at work – and then when I'm here they say something to the tune of, "Nothing?"  It's such disappointment to see their dear co-worker, Lanette. 

It's okay.  I'm very aware that with each child – heck with each dog and cat – I fell lower and lower on the Totem pole.  As we round the corner to my due date,  I'm thinking I should put a jar on my desk that says, "Yes I'm still here.  Put some chocolate in this here jar for even thinking about asking me when my due date is and how I'm feeling."

PS: If you happen to bring wine instead of chocolate, I won't be disappointed.  I can't wait to share with you the amazing news that Roman is here!