Mood Food

With the days getting shorter and chillier I’m reminded of how important sunshine really is to boost our moods.  There are other ways to get that kick during the autumn and winter months without having to invest in a sun lamp.  Diet is especially important when it comes to how we feel.  Eat junk, feel like junk.  This is something we all know.  But do you really know WHICH foods will give you that extra boost of happy feelings? 

Copps and Pick N Save have come up with a simple list of foods that will help keep us all on track when it comes to keeping our blood sugar and hormones and everything else working how it should so we always feel good no matter the season.  This is why I love them.  They care enough to give me the information I need and the foods I need to stay and feel healthy all year long.  For the list of “feel good” food just click here