Spice It Up

I like to think I’m a good enough cook to no longer have to use measuring spoons or cups and to know exactly what spice each dish needs to kick it up a notch.  But a little reminder and confidence booster is always a good thing.  For example, I never thought of using cheese to boost up a dish that didn’t turn out quite right.  Now I know thanks to Copps and Pick N Save. 

I always rely on copps.com and picknsave.com to give me cooking tips and ideas on their recipe page.  This article on seasoning foods contains a lot of good tips on how to use fresh herbs, seasoning salts and rubs and mustards and relishes.  If you’re looking to expand your cooking skills this is a great read.  Make sure to check back every week for new cooking tips, chef tips, recipes for the week and more.  It’s now my go to tool in the kitchen!  For the seasoning article just click here.