Fresh Is Best

Once you cook with and eat the freshest food available to you, it’s hard to go back to using processed food.  And that’s why I love shopping at Copps and Pick N Save because it’s their commitment to provide the best local produce they can find.  In fact Copps and Pick N Save sell more local produce over the course of a year than any other grocer in Wisconsin.  To me that says commitment to keeping me healthy and happy.  And I’ll find all those locally grown organic herbs too.  Fresh herbs just make every dish come alive and I feel even better knowing they are all organic, all locally grown.  I’m giving back to my community when I shop Copps and Pick N Save.  And their websites help you find what’s in season, what’s award winning and lets you meet the farmers growing all that good food for you.  Click here to find out more about Copps and Pick N Save’s local produce.