Experience the Thrill of the Winter Grill

I'm always a little perplexed when people who claim to love to grill stash their grills away during the colder months.  Winter grilling can be a blast!  Of course, that's easy for me to say because I'm not the one shoveling a path to the grill and doing the grilling when the wind chill is zero 😉 

My husband Keith happily does that work and loves to grill 12 months a year.  It's become a Sunday night habit for us, and we probably grill about 45 out of 52 Sunday evenings per year.  It's a great arrangement for our marriage: Keith gets to do something he loves and I don't have to cook much on Sunday nights! 

If I've convinced you that you should give winter grilling a try, here's a helpful article to get you started.