A Pinch of Color in the Kitchen

We decided it was time to paint the kitchen.  I'm not going to tell you the last time it was painted, suffice to say it really needs it.  Deciding to do it is the easy part.  Agreeing on the color, man that's the rub.  

I walked into the paint store with what I thought was a pretty good idea of what I was looking for.  Then it hit.  Sensory overload.  The dizzying array of color wheels and swatches.  Colors with the greatest sounding names that turn looking like a ferret had a mishap when it's dry, under a soft light.  Rusty reds, greenish blues, orangy peaches, brownish yellows ... OMG!!!!  I actually had to leave and sit in my car for a minute.

In the end, I think we found just the right color.  I used a ceramic platter that we have as a guide and started the process of elimination at the swatch table.  This is a job that I thought would take maybe an hour.  Try three hours.  It's nuts.  I have this recurring nightmare that I'm going to get it on the wall and realize I must have looked at it under a different light than is in my kitchen.  I'm not going through that again.  I'll just get new lights.  Wish I had better cones and rods!