Some Things Never Change

When I was a youngster I use to have sleep-over parties down in our basement.  Wall to wall sleeping bags, record player and pop corn everywhere.  It was a total blast!  But the best part was, we would sneak out in pajamas to go to Dunkin Donuts at 3 o'clock in the morning.  This was the height of mischief for us and so deliciously fun!  It was only three blocks from my house and we cut through lawns and yards, but did we laugh!  As a teenager, it was my first real job for a while. 

These days I like going through the drive through for coffee and a Spinach Artichoke Bagel.  They always ask if I'd like it toasted. Nope, it's great as is.  The one on Gammon Road is even open 24 hours!