My New Favorite Website (For Now)

During my research to book lodging for my trip to New Orleans, I stumbled upon a website called  Perhaps you've already used this website.  If so, why didn't you tell me how cool it is? 😉  If you're not familiar with it, it's devoted to lodging provided by non-hotel owners.  The majority of accommodations are homeowners renting out a bedroom, but I also found some other unique properties.

We'll be staying in Memphis on our drive down to New Orleans, and I was able to find a one bedroom apartment available in the former Cotton Exchange building.  It's a beautiful building with loads of history, and it will only cost me $90 +tax on a Saturday night in downtown Memphis!

On our drive back home we'll be staying overnight in St. Louis.  I was very interested in renting an old renovated carriage house that was across the street from the Missouri Botanical Garden, but I waited too long to make the reservation and lost out on it 🙁  Lesson learned:  don't assume a unique lodging opportunity will still be available a couple days later when I decide I want to reserve it! 

I'm so excited about this trip.  Pictures will be coming soon!