A Day in the Life of Stoughton

There is this one little overpass by Coopers Causeway in Stoughton that used to have a sign that said 'honk before entering'. Since you cannot see as you enter the causeway, the honk would alert you that someone was already on the way.  Well, you can just imagine how much the folks who lived there liked that, so they took down the sign and put up this wobbly mirror that lets you see if someone is coming.  That is all well and fine, if you are a car.  

Last year, I was on foot and about to walk through.  There were three families of geese, each with over a dozen babies toddling along behind.  Of course, they were allowed to honk, but I just stood there and stopped the next car from coming in by raising my hand up, walked in and ushered them out.  Just another real life adventure in Stoughton.