It's Colonoscopy Week at my House

It's almost as thrilling as "Shark Week" on the Discovery Channel … not.  Everyone I know who's had a colonoscopy tells me it's not that bad, but for some reason I'm still mildly dreading it.  Not just the prep liquid one has to drink starting the day before, but my limited food choices as well.  My appointment is Friday afternoon, 7/17, but starting on Tuesday I have to avoid eating fruit with skin or seeds, corn, nuts, raw/uncooked vegetables, popcorn, and potato skins.  Gee, that's about 70% of my diet on a typical weekday!  Guess it's time to stock up on cottage cheese and pudding. 

I hate to sound as though I'm whining because I realize colonoscopies are crucial, potentially life-saving procedures.  I'm just anxious for time to fly by as fast as possible this week until "the big show" starts this Friday afternoon.  So when you hear Mark Van Allen filling in for me this Friday, it's not because I'm spending a summer afternoon lounging on a pontoon on Lake Monona.  It's because I'm lying on a cold health clinic table with one of those awesome hospital gowns on.