Better Sleep Through Science

I'm usually the first guy to call baloney on gimmicky stuff. Must be the jade shades I wear . . . whatever. I got this thing for Christmas. When I opened it, I rolled my eyes–my internal eyes anyway. It's a little machine that makes the noise of moving air when you turn it on. I read the directions and was told to turn the thing on when I go to bed and it would make me sleep better than I ever have. Sounded more like hot air to me. Like I said, I'm sort of a cynic. Moving air will make me sleep better? Doubt that. But since I got this thing from someone close to me, I was obligated to contort myself to get it plugged in behind my bed and give it a try.

Well, another thing I am is willing to admit when I'm wrong. The little machine works! No fooling. I have had some of the best rest I've had in years since I started my wind therapy. I'm not sure what the physiological mechanics of it are. All I know is I sleep like a ton of bricks. I wake up just before my alarm most days, feeling refreshed and clear headed, depending on what I had done the night before, that is. I don't think they cost a lot of money, but are definitely worth a try if you, like I, don't sleep as well as you used to. Sign me "Convinced in Cottage Grove."