I'm Rolling Up My Sleeves . . .

. . . to clean out my late mother's house. She's lived there since 1950, so you can imagine how much stuff there was go through. I found everything from brand-new bath towels with the price tags still on them, to our old baby shoes, to a few editions of the Chicago Tribune from the year 1919. 

My siblings and I devoted a weekend to this chore recently, and so far, things have gone pretty well. I've heard that going through a deceased relative's belongings can bring out the worst in people, but there wasn't too much drama among my family. Again, SO FAR. The most difficult task was deciding which items to sell and which items to donate to charity. I found some small amounts of new yarn that I wanted to donate, but a sibling wanted to sell. I'm not a yarn expert, but I doubt we could have gotten more than a dollar or so for it all. After the auctioneer gets his commission and we divide up the rest of the money from the yarn among the heirs, I doubt I'll miss that nickel or dime I could have received 😛 

Crossing my fingers that the next step, an auction, goes smoothly.  If you have any advice about holding an auction, I'm all ears! Email me at  sara@magic98.com