Stuff I Learned at the Party

My wife and went to a party over the weekend. We didn’t know most of the people there, but it was fun. Some things I picked up:

“The seats at Lambeau Field are hard and cold.” (I’ll take their word on this, I’ve never been there).

“Traffic in Madison is as bad as big cities” (I’m glad to be in the Magic studio at the peak of morning rush. Not many people are traveling when I drive to work at 5AM, but even then the Beltline is far busier than it was 25 years ago).

Los Angeles people don’t really care about the NFL” (I’ve wondered why America’s second biggest city has gone years without a team. A California transplant told me that with college sports, other pro teams and lots of entertainment attractions, people’s entertainment dollars are already stretched).

“Rotary Club needs new people” (A member mentioned the many charitable donations Rotary makes, but wondered if today’s young workers, often moving for new jobs, are interested in joining).