You Collect What?

We went to a little get-together the other day. A housewarming, sort of. It was very cool. Got to see our friend's new house, and a bunch of other folks I haven't seen in forever. Our hosts gave us the obligatory tour, but this was wild. Not only is it a very cool place, but when Dustin showed me what he calls his "man cave," I was absolutely floored. He has this collection of Nerf guns. You know, those guns that shoot soft foam balls and darts and stuff. Not just a few–dozens. He thinks in the area of 170 or so. He started his collecting back in the 90's and he has the very first Nerf gun, all the way up to the newest ones sold this year. He's got them all hung up on the wall, and he has all the accessories. It's really cool. My collecting has been limited to antique furniture. Not half as much fun to play with. In fact, no fun at all. Just have to go to Carrie and Dustin's house again soon.