Farewell, Cassie

There's been a big change around our house. Our kitty Cassie left us. No she didn't run away . . .  she got very old. The fact is, Cassie had a great life. She was 20 years old when time finally caught up with her. That's very nearly 100 in human years. We loved that cat like she was a family member, and in fact, she was just that. She was with us through two houses, two kids and two dogs, through countless ups and downs and back-agains. In short., she was always there.

It's weird without her. Ziggy, my dog, is still looking for her, expecting her to turn up at his dish as she always did for a little change-of-pace snack. Loved her. Miss her. Could never replace her. Cassie-kitty, you were the best!