The Art of Coffee Making

I recently learned that after water, coffee is the next-most-popular drink worldwide. I have NO idea how they figure out such things, but it's no surprise to me. After my son Gregg and I had a very nice birthday dinner, we noodled over to Sur La Table to look around at all the cool cooking and baking things there are to get these days. (Gregg likes to cook, I prefer to bake . . . we get along like a house on fire!)

Cruising the aisles, I spotted this bad boy. It's called a Technivorm Moccamaster KBT-741 and days later I am still dreaming about it. It is just such a slick looking piece of art. Gregg assures me it makes the best cup of coffee that can be made. It was priced at $319 and change, which which I consider a fair price for such perfection in design. That it makes coffee as well means it fell out of heaven.