I Have A Part-time Job That's 2 Hours Away!

And the title of this job is "Trying to bring my late Mother's house into THIS century!" I've decided to try to rent out my mom's farmhouse in northern Illinois rather than sell it right away. I'm just not quite ready to part with the house in which I grew up, but it's definitely taking some work and money to bring it up to speed. For one thing, it's a three-bedroom house with only one bathroom. I've learned enough about the real-estate appraisal business to know that situation screams "functionally obsolete," so we're installing a second-floor bathroom.
Also, my mom's washer and dryer are in the dark basement of this old farmhouse, so we're bringing them upstairs to establish a main floor laundry area. And my husband and I have been tearing up the 35- and 45-year-old carpeting on the first and second floors (and breathing in lots of dust of the same age!) so that we can install some new floor coverings. I'll be ready to start working as a contractor by the time we're finished with this project!