Wishing Joe Perry a Speedy Recovery

The Aerosmith guitarist had a health scare on Sunday, July 10th, during a show with his side band the Hollywood Vampires and was taken to a hospital. This news was extra shocking to me because I had just seen the Hollywood Vampires only five nights earlier at Summerfest in Milwaukee. Joe certainly looked fine during that show, as far as I could see from about 327 rows back from the stage!

Hollywood Vampires do nearly all covers during their concerts, and during the Who's "My Generation" Joe even mimicked Pete Townshend and smashed his guitar on stage. Soon after the show, my husband and I were walking away from the Summerfest grounds and came up to an intersection where we had to stop because a tour bus was turning the corner. Much to our delight, Joe Perry was at the front of this bus near the driver–shirt off!–and was smiling and waving to the crowds as they drove by. That sight tells me he's a guy who still loves his "job" at age 65.  

News updates from earlier this week indicate that he's going to be fine. I sure hope so. We've already lost too many great artists in 2016.