Hail Yes!

So how many times have we gotten a forecast with hail in it and actually gotten hail? (That was a rhetorical question, but I’ll answer it: hardly ever.) Last Monday night, man oh man did we get hail! I was on the west side on Old Sauk Road when the big stuff came down. Almost to the beltline, I made a right turn into the gas station hoping for a spot under the shelter over the pumps. Nope. So I continued to the back of the gas station hoping to find something–anything. And I found their car wash with an open garage door. I slid right in and was completely sheltered from Mother Nature’s temper tantrum. It was loud. I have a household with two loud young boys. And I’m loud. But this–this was LOUD. I will never again doubt the existence of golf-ball sized hail. Just look at the picture I took.

I’m sorry if your car now looks like a hammer was used carelessly on it.  I’m sorry if your windshield got smashed. I’m not surprised. Because we got hail. Oh man, did we get hail. That was nuts.