Bulb Time

I don't have a garden where I live now, but I have not forgotten how much fun it is to see those spring flowers after the long winter! In the past, I have planted literally thousands of bulbs, ordering a lot of them from Holland. They would send them in time for planting. It was such a joy to look out in the yard, see where I wanted to have white tulips with black trims, mixed yellows of daffodils, grape hyacinths and those early crocuses!

Digging in the dirt at this time of year is fun, as most of the bugs are gone. A little bone meal and a design drawn out on paper to plot the different times the bulbs will bloom in the spring and summer. I miss that!

If you want to try, it's so easy. The garden centers have everything you need to plant even a small patch. It's a lot of joy for a little fun in the dirt, and it's easy on the pocketbook, too.