Clutter Clutter Everywhere

I've been making some real progress over the last few weeks at decluttering my house. I inherited a number of my mom's belongings after she passed away late last year, and they're now sitting in my house, which already had some minor clutter issues.

So I took the advice of one of the motivational e-mails that Magic 98's general manager sent to the staff. It focused on a woman who was the typical extremely busy mom. She worked outside the home and didn't have much spare time to clean her house. She realized that she often had several opportunities throughout the day to clean for one or two minutes, but she rarely had an entire hour free for cleaning. So whe used those one or two minutes for bursts of cleaning whatever she could. 

I'm using the same mindset for de-cluttering: spending just a couple minutes EVERY SINGLE DAY can really start to make a difference after a couple of weeks. 
If you need to declutter your home but also need some motivation, click here.