Kathryn’s Blog: The Latest Adventures of Joe


When Joe first came home with us—28 years ago—he would sleep through every winter. Half the time, I worried that he had just died, but after five years of still waking up, I stopped worrying and made sure his tank was very clean before he went to sleep. When he started to stay awake, I thought he was making a change. I got a heater, but he still wanted to sleep, so I let his tank stay at room temperature.

Now, as you see him here, he naps and wakes, moves very slowly, and repeats. He won’t eat anything, and he keeps his head under his log. (Kind of like a lot of folks here in Wisconsin during the winter.) I let him out for an overnight and put him back in a clean tank but he just wants to sleep!

We go way back. He knows my voice and will hang out with me while I read a book or meditate. He is a very centered individual!