Pat’s Blog: Three Conversations

Walking my dog leads to lots of conversations with strangers. It happened three times on Saturday.

The first was a fellow golden owner, a nice young woman with a beautiful pup. As we were talking, an older woman stopped to admire the dogs, then said to me “You’re Pat O’Neill, right?” She had a complaint about Magic 98. I told her I hoped she’d continue to listen. She said “probably not” and walked away.

I know this comes with the territory. I realize I should have thicker skin. But who wants a sunny Saturday interrupted with that?

A friend in television has it worse. One day while she was shopping,  a woman walked up to her and began with, “May I be critical?”

A third woman jogged by a few minutes later. She stopped when she spotted Looey, and she spent several minutes petting him while telling me about the goldens she had owned and how they were the world’s best dogs. She thanked me before running off. I wish I had thanked her.