Raina’s Blog: Thrift Trip

I love shopping, but I hate spending money. Sound familiar? But this time, it really is a need, because I’m at the point where I need to get rid of some of my clothes and start fresh. And what do I do with 10 mismatched socks, or all of my stained, frayed pieces of clothes that aren’t fit to donate? I’d like to give them to a good home. I’m thinking of an island of misfit toys, but for socks with toe-sized holes. I don’t want to put anything in the garbage can before trying other places first.

I think I will spend my next day off at St. Vincent de Paul’s Dig & Save on Park Street, since two-thirds of my wardrobe is from there already. If you can take the time to sift through clothes, it can be rewarding. Thrifting on that level is a big investment of time, but it pays off if you happen to walk in on a 50-cents-per-pound day. And it feels good getting rid of clothes—the excess weight in your closet. It feels even better adding something that you know you’ll wear forever.

(The picture you see here, Bouguereau’s “Edge of the River,” has nothing to do with clothes, but it’s my favorite thrift-store find ever. It cost $2.50 at the St. Vincent de Paul in Eau Claire. Who would give up something as beautiful as this?)