Sara’s Blog: Paint Job

I definitely have a newfound appreciation for house painters! My husband and I started painting the exterior of my late mother’s house last weekend.

Soon after I watched him struggle placing the 24-foot extension ladder against the side of the house, I said, “Are you sure you don’t just want to hire this out?” But he was determined to get the upper reaches of the house painted, and he eventually did, all while battling nasty winds. It takes some patience to paint during sustained winds of 20 to 30, with frequent gusts of 30 or more! Sometimes the paint was literally flying off my brush after I dipped it in the pail. Professional painters maybe would have rescheduled the job and waited for better conditions, but I had taken a couple of vacation days to do this painting, so we soldiered on.

Not only were the high winds annoying, but some bugs made a tasty meal out of me. They weren’t mosquitoes. I’m guessing they were gnats, and I’m still itching days later. I can’t believe I didn’t upset my paint bucket while furiously swatting the bugs away. One did land on my upper eyelid, and I was left with a very attractive swollen eye for the next day or so.

I think I’ve had my fill of exterior painting for a while.