Sara’s Blog: Wedding Money

Magic 98 Morning Show legend Pat O’Neill is now a father-in-law! His lovely daughter Kate, whom I remember as a toddler (wow, am I ever getting old), tied the knot last weekend in Portland, Oregon. From the pictures I saw, it was a lovely, casual ceremony. Kate was beaming, and I have to admit that I think Kate and her new husband will always be glad they had a small wedding.

Large weddings are certainly fun, don’t get me wrong. However, the price tag just keeps going up, up, up. I searched “cost of weddings” online and sure enough, there’s a website for that. I entered the zip code for Magic 98‘s neighborhood just to get an idea of what a typical local wedding costs these days. My jaw dropped when I saw the price tag:  $26,000 to $43,000. Wow. That money sure would make a sweet down payment on a house! Seeing wedding price tags like that make me wonder if I should have been a florist instead of a radio personality.