Lanette’s Blog: Achoo!

It’s been the ultimate “do as I say, not as I do” week. Dealing with a cold is not what I had time for. Instead of getting the sleep and taking it easy that I tell my boys is best, I had a week with tons to do and lots of places to be. So I pulled my big-girl britches as high as I could (over this big ol’ pregnant belly) and got to work. Man, did it catch up with me yesterday. I know my voice didn’t not sound good on the air, so thank you for stickin’ with me.

I plan to lay low this weekend and let my voice rest. (Which will require me to not talk, and that’s nearly impossible, but I’ll do my best.) There is ginger lemon tea with honey in my near future and hopefully a non-animated movie as well.

I toast you if you’re dealing with a spring cold too. It’s the pits.