Jillene’s Blog: A New Furry Family Member

This weekend, our clan grew by one furry family member… say hello to Thomas the kitty! (He’s actually a five-year-old mature cat, but more on that in a second.) Thomas isn’t exactly a stranger either, we have history! Here’s the story: shortly before my fiancé, Leah, and I started dating, she adopted Thomas as a kitten from a local shelter. When Leah and I eventually moved in together, we weren’t able to take Thomas to our new apartment, so he lived with Leah’s brother. As life changes, Thomas has come to need a new home and we couldn’t imagine him being anywhere else but with us! Our dog, Chester, reacted to our new addition well. In fact, we really think he was expecting a puppy and was kind of disappointed to realize it’s just a cat. So far, he’s pretty uninterested in Thomas, and Thomas is pretty uninterested in him! My hope is that they’ll be cuddling together making precious photo opportunities in no time. If we’re Facebook friends, you already know that two days can’t go by without me posting a picture of my dog, and now, well… I hope you like cat pictures too!

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