Kathryn’s Blog: Ear Buds and… Vertigo?

It seems like, as you get older, there is always something you will have to give up that you love to maintain your health. I never would have thought it was be ear-buds! I’m as serious as a heart attack; truly, it took me years to figure out why I suffered so badly from vertigo. It’s totally debilitating when you can not move your eyes without feeling like you will fall on your face. Everything I did was touched by it. The therapy for it was torture, and air-conditioning seemed to make it worse (and I can take a lot of heat). Watching TV was out of the question, and only by drinking gallons of “sport tea” was I able to get through doing Magic Sunday Mornings at times. I had my eyes examined because even though every doctor said it was inner ear, it seemed to be my eyes! So okay, it’s ears… not eyes. I did a re-tracing of my life to figure out when it started. One winter I had a sinus infection and the vertigo arrived with that. It took four months to stop! Then it was on and off all the time. So, thinking that the sound waves bouncing in my inner ear might not be helping it, I stopped using the ear-buds. Now, it’s gone! And it has not come back for over a year-and-a-half. I can wear my head set, just not the buds. If you know anyone who suffers, please pass my good news on to them, it may just do the trick for them too.
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