Listen: Holiday Wish Stories

For over 25 years, Magic 98 has been granting Holiday Wishes to make the holidays brighter for those facing a tough time in our community. Once again this season, we’ve asked you to share your own stories and those of your loved ones.

Listen below for Holiday Wish stories from 2018. . .

Jeff‘s story started last year. He was on his way to work when an un-insured driver pulled out in front of him. Jeff was critically injured and hasn’t been able to return to work to provide for his wife and three children. His friend, Renee, wants to make sure he’s not sitting in the dark too long and that his Christmas spirit returns.


Renee‘s son, Vincent, has been through a lot in his short 11 months and she’s doing her best to take care of him while keeping life as “normal” as possible for her almost-12-year-old daughter. “It’s been the worst year, and the best year of my life.” Listen as Renee‘s friend, Susan, calls her with great news.


With Jim‘s letter about his girlfriend, we celebrate the hard work and unconditional love of a family. This is Carrie‘s Holiday Wish


Before Alexa‘s daughter was born, she was diagnosed with congenital heart defects. Since she came into the world, she’s been a warrior. Sara has seen the strength of Alexa‘s family, and wanted to do something special for all seven of them this holiday season…


Krissy‘s and her husband have become “doctors without degrees” after the birth of their son, Henry, nearly two years ago. Listen below to the letter that Krissy‘s neighbor, Angela wrote, with the help of some other loving neighbors…


Gayla has taken some time off of work to care for her husband, Jim, who’s recently been admitted to hospice care. Her coworkers and friends want her to know that she’s not been forgotten about this holiday season so they wrote to Magic 98’s Holiday Wish


The deadline to submit a Holiday Wish letter has passed. We look forward to hearing from you next year! To find out how to donate to Holiday Wish, click here.